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Finding out that you’re pregnant is one of the most memorable moments of your life. We know how important it is to find the very best care for you and your baby when you’re expecting. That’s the only thing that counts. You will be cared for by our small team of midwives and together with you we will aim for a relaxing, stress-free pregnancy, labour and beyond.

We are committed to promoting an environment of medical excellence, informed choice and superior care, adopting a holistic approach throughout the pregnancy and during childbirth. We are trained to monitor and signal medical risks closely.

“Midwife practice Birth in Zwolle Stadshagen”

“It takes a village to raise a child”

M. Kesselring 2010

It takes a village to raise a child is an African proverb which means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children in order for a child to experience and grow in a safe environment.

Why Birth Verloskundigen in Zwolle?

Our aim is to support you and your family from the moment you  have a child wish or discover you’re pregnant until the birth of your baby and beyond. With the care we offer we want you to feel supported and guided through what is an exciting but sometimes also quite anxious time. We place emphasis on safety and quality as well as ensuring mothers-to-be to have the most enjoyable pregnancy and memorable birthing experience. We follow the healtcare

With providing our personal midwifery care during pregnancy, birth and beyond we want to empower you to make decisions about how you want to give birth and to feel supported at all times. We believe it is important to offer choice and control over the type of birthing you choose. This can be a home delivery, or in hospital, with or without pain relief, or a water birth. We will guide you one to one throughout your delivery.

Ultrasounds in Zwolle

The first few weeks are a time of tremendous excitement; and the 11 week scan can feel like a lifetime away. You are probably keen to have an early scan in pregnancy to take your first look at your developing baby, confirm you are pregnant and roughly how many weeks pregnant you are, and check all is well before you spread your good news. For this reason, many mums-to-be like to have an early scan which you can book at our midwife practise

Choice of delivering

The Dutch tradition of a free choice of place of birth for low risk women including home birth is quite unique in the western world. Our care is characterised by open communication, a personal approach and commitment to each client. We aim to support you in your individual needs to enable you to enjoy your pregnancy and empower you for a positive birth.

Corona and pregnancy

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, you may be worried about the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Based on the current knowledge, pregnant women do not seem to have a higher risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus; this means that they do not appear to be more susceptible to the virus than people who are not pregnant. As always, it remains important to follow the current measures.


We understand very well that this time demands a lot from you as a pregnant (and from your partner). It can evoke feelings such as fear, insecurity and disappointment. Suddenly you notice that we do not have everything under control and that requires a lot of your adaptability. We want, especially in this time, to stand next to you and unburden you. We would like to keep you informed about the rapid changes surrounding COVID-19 and the measures we are taking for this as midwives, hence this special Corona page on our website. This page contains the most recent information.

Vaccination is safe during pregnancy 

Pregnant women have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus than women who are not pregnant. This elevated risk is higher for pregnant women who have underlying health conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease or respiratory conditions). For that reason, the previous recommendation was only to vaccinate pregnant women who had underlying health conditions. By now, we know than 90,000 pregnant women in the USA have been vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. No serious side-effects have been reported in that group. For that reason, all pregnant women are now advised to be vaccinated when they are invited for vaccination, preferably with an mRNA vaccine.

More information on COVID-19 vaccination in the context of pregnancy can be found in the position statement posted by the Dutch Society for Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NVOG).

Welcome to midwifery practice Birth Verloskundigen

Becoming pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and the upcoming parenthood might be challenging ifVerloskundige Zwolle you don’t speak Dutch. Birth Verloskundigen is a midwife practice in Stadshagen Zwolle that will provide you with guidance during the pregnancy, the birth and the maternity period. We can also provide information on planning to conceive.

Birth Verloskundigen is a small, personal, committed and dedicated midwife practise that delivers a full care model for parents and child. We offer you professional midwifery care from a responsible and efficient perspective by working closely together with other disciplines. We have the possibility to to provide you with longer and more frequent check ups than usual in a Dutch practice, so there will be enough time for all your wishes and questions.

Therefore we provide you with an English speaking midwife, flexible consultation hours, ultrasounds, home visits, continuous monitoring during the pregnancy. We provide delivery at home andin the hospital, cooperation with the gynaecologist in the region. All midwives are registered in the midwives quality register. We have contracts with all major healthcare insurance companies, post-natal care, preconception consultation.

Because it is not about us, but about you. It is your pregnancy, you giving birth and your child. We inform, facilitate and check

You are welcome for a free consultation at our practise in Stadshagen Zwolle, or we can visit you on-site.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please contact us by sending an email to info-birthverloskundigen.nl or call us at +31 6 15 15 80 52.

Hopefully see you seen!
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