Are you pregnant and would you like to have an ultrasound in Zwolle?

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Are you pregnant and would you like to have an ultrasound in Zwolle?

If you are pregnant and would like to have an ultrasound, you are most welcome at BirthPretecho Zwlle Verloskundigen in Stadshagen Zwolle.

In this blog I describe how we as Birth Midwives Stadshagen Zwolle deal with ultrasounds.

Birth offers tailor-made obstetric care to pregnant women who have registered with us at our practice in Zwolle. In addition to the standard ultrasounds, we also offer additional ultrasounds if necessary or desired. The ultrasound images are placed on a USB stick provided by us to the pregnant woman so that you can share, print or display the images yourself. In addition to the standard ultrasounds, we also make fun ultrasounds, 3D ultrasounds and 4D ultrasounds.


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Birth offers tailor-made obstetric care to pregnant women who have registered with us at our practice in Zwolle. In addition to the standard ultrasounds, we also offer additional ultrasounds if necessary or desired.

The ultrasound images are placed on a USB stick provided by us to the pregnant woman so that you can share, print or display the images themself. As an extra service we also produce un ultrasounds, 3D ultrasounds and 4D ultrasounds.

What is a pregnancy ultrasound?

Echo Stadshagen ZwolleDuring a pregnancy ultrasound, an image of your baby is displayed by means of (high frequency) sound waves. An ultrasound is a representation of the cross-section of the baby, these are 2D ultrasounds. An ultrasound examination looks at the baby, the uterus and the amount of amniotic fluid. There are two ways to perform a pregnancy ultrasound: via the vagina (internal) or via the abdominal wall (external). If there is a reason or a wish to do an ultrasound early in the pregnancy, this is of course also possible. In case the visual is not good enough, then the internal ultrasound might be an option. It’s good to know that neither ultrasound is harmful to either you or the baby.

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When do we make the first ultrasound?

The first ultrasound we make is a vitality ultrasound and we make it around 7/8 weeks of the pregnancy. The main purpose of this ultrasound is to see if there is a live fetus in the uterus. We also look at a number of other matters including:

  • Whether the pregnancy is inside or outside the uterus.
  • Whether the embryo has established itself in the right place in the uterus (for example, not in the transition to a fallopian tube or outside the womb)
  • Whether the ‘heart’ of the embryo is right.
  • Whether you are pregnant with a singleton or with multiple births.
  • Whether there is an abnormality in or around the uterus, such as a cyst or fibroid.

the term ultrasound

The term ultrasound takes place between 9 and 13 weeks. Anyone who is pregnant can have a term ultrasound and almost all pregnant women opt for it. Maybe this is your first ultrasound. But it is also possible that you have had an ultrasound before.

During this ultrasound we measure the baby to determine the exact duration of the pregnancy. Based on this measurement, the final calculated date is determined. In addition, the sonographer also checks whether the embryo is developing properly.

What is looked at during the term ultrasound?

  • Term: Based on the length of the embryo, the sonographer can see exactly how many weeks you are pregnant.
  • Heartbeat. During the ultrasound you can usually see or hear whether your baby’s heart is beating properly.
  • Multiple births. With this check it is possible to see if you are expecting one or more babies.
  • Implantation. Is the baby well implanted?
  • Development: Is the baby’s development progressing as expected?

20 week ultrasound

The 20-week ultrasounds take place at our partners. The obstetrician writes a referral to one of the partners of the pregnant woman’s preference where the 20-week ultrasound will take place. During the 20-week ultrasound, your baby will be checked for physical abnormalities. We also examine how your baby is developing. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to have the 20-week ultrasound done.

This extensive ultrasound is made around 20 weeks of pregnancy and takes 45 minutes. During this medical ultrasound, it is checked whether any abnormalities are visible and whether the growth and development are normal. Your baby is looked at from head to toe. The sonographer looks closely at the brain, upper lip and jaw, heart, abdominal wall, spine and the position of the feet. In addition, the course of the umbilical cord vessels and the location of the placenta are examined. If everything looks normal during the 20 week ultrasound, the sonographer still cannot guarantee a healthy baby, but a lot of congenital abnormalities have been excluded. If something abnormal is seen, the nature and seriousness of the abnormality will not always be immediately clear, further investigation will have to take place. This can take some time and cause a lot of uncertainty. When a diagnosis has been made, it can be determined what additional care is needed for this child during and after the birth.

Growth ultrasound

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The growth ultrasound is a medical ultrasound to check whether your baby is growing well. This usually takes place between approximately 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. It is performed when your midwife suspects that your baby is growing too slowly or too quickly. Even if you have an increased risk of having a baby that is too big or too small, you will be offered this ultrasound to check the growth. This ultrasound provides us with additional information and is primarily intended to detect growth retardation at an early stage. During the growth ultrasound, the head (HC/BDP), abdomen (AC) and thigh (FL) are measured. We use the growth ultrasound as an additional means to determine the growth and/or size of a child as fully as possible. Just like with an external examination, it is not possible to determine with certainty how big a child will be with ultrasound.

In addition, we look at the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby. The measurements are processed in a growth curve, which also gives an estimate of the weight of the child at that moment.

3D/4D Ultrasound

Would you like to see your baby in ‘real time’? Maybe you want to take the future3D/4D pretecho grandparents along for an ultrasound scan? Our 3D echo is the perfect occasion. With this scan you can have an other opportunity to enjoy watching your baby. The 3D 4D images will give you a very realistic picture. We will also give you those images on an USB-stick.

The best time for this scan is between 24 and 30 weeks. Your baby then has the ideal size and posture for these images. If you want to come earlier or later that is of course also possible. If you are expecting twins it is better to have this scan a bit earlier in the pregnancy so that both children will still fit into one picture together. There is no extra charge for twins. You can always ask our assistent for advice on when to schedule your 3D 4D scan. It of course depends on the position of your baby what is possible to picture during this scan.

Location ultrasound / growth ultrasound

Zwanger ZwolleIn principle, we make this ultrasound after 35 weeks. It is checked whether the baby is lying head down (head position) or up (breech position). We also take the measurements that we also do during the growth ultrasound and we determine the amount of amniotic fluid again. The ultrasound allows the sonographer to see how the child is lying. This is usually in the head position, but in a small number of babies the child is in the breech position. Another possibility is that the child is obstructive, but this is rare.

How does Birth Verloskundigen Stadshagen Zwolle deal with ultrasound?

At Birth Verloskundigen Zwolle Stadshagen, in addition to the standard ultrasounds, you also receive multiple growth ultrasounds on indication. We provide tailor-made obstetric care in Zwolle and the surrounding area, which also applies to ultrasounds.

We offer the following standard ultrasounds that are reimbursed by the insurance:

  • The vitality ultrasound around 8 weeks
  • The term ultrasound after 11 weeks
  • Between 18 and 21 weeks the SEO (with our partners)
  • The growth ultrasound around 30 weeks (on indication)
  • The position or growth ultrasound around 35 weeks (on indication)

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In our obstetric practice we provide customized care and this is a guideline for us. If we have the idea that the baby is slightly behind in growth, we make an ultrasound more often. We will also keep a close eye on you and ask you if you want to keep a close eye on the child’s movements.

Do we have more concerns? We will then give you proper instructions and refer you to the right healthcare specialist for further investigation.

Health insurance check

In case you are pregnant, you probably have different care needs than when you are not pregnant. It is advisable to check the reimbursements of your health insurance.

Some health care costs are always paid by your health insurance. Other healthcare costs fall under your deductible or personal contribution. The supervision of your midwife is reimbursed by your basic insurance. Obstetric care includes appointments with your obstetrician or gynaecologist during your pregnancy. This also includes the costs of your obstetrician or gynaecologist during the delivery.

The ultrasounds during your pregnancy are reimbursed by your basic insurance if they have been requested by your obstetrician, gynaecologist or general practitioner. These include the term ultrasound and the 20-week ultrasound. From the end of 2020, the 13-week ultrasound will also be reimbursed. In addition, the costs for a vitality ultrasound are covered if there is a medical indication for this.

About Birth Verloskundigen

Are you living in Zwolle and are you looking for a midwife in Stadshagen? Birth Verloskundigen is the right place for you, because:

  • We provide care on a personal basis for the future parents and child
  • We are and remain small-scale and with that we can guarantee personal care
  • We are professionals with a passion for our profession
  • We are completely transparent. We give you insight into our own fileWe focus on you as a customer: we make a 9-month plan together with you
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  • We have both evening, day and weekend office hours at one of our locations, on request also at your home
  • We are continuously looking for innovations and improvements for the benefit of care for mother and child and also look for partnerships

Are you expecting your (first) child and living in Zwolle or the surrounding area or do you want to have children? Then you are most welcome at Birth Verloskundigen Stadshagen Zwolle! Midwifery practice Birth is a personal and small-scale practice where you and your partner can go for everything related to a pregnancy. You can come to our practice for help, advice and guidance before, during and after pregnancy.

We offer small-scale autonomous obstetric care in Stadshagen, Zwolle and the surrounding area. We guide women and their partners in their desire to have children, during pregnancy, during childbirth and during the postpartum period. In short, Birth Verloskundigen is a midwifery practice in Stadshagen Zwolle where we are ready for you with appropriate care.

This blog was written by Ninke van Birth Midwives

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